Our singleness of eye makes us a bride rather than just a believer.
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Where we are divided we’re conquered, and what’s more devastating than to be divided within your own heart and mind?
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How often do the countless distractions that bombard us daily take our focus off of the Lord?
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God has trained me to concentrate and I have prayed for concentration. I long to have my gaze continually fixed on Him and on Him alone.
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We admire our post-Fall looks as being truly beautiful but I would like to show how our current beauty is more like the appearance of the spawning salmon.
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For decades I went through this world looking for the approval of man: seeking awareness, affirmation and affection. But God Punched the Care Out of Me!
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It’s not a promise that my belief is rooted in but the God who made it. When I rest in Jesus’ “TRUST in Another Life,” I am in the quiet dignity of Christ.
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It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to teach me, not my trying, fretting or striving to cause me to learn.
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